Harrisburg, Pa. − Junio 10, 2020 − State Senator Katie Muth (D-Philadelphia/Montgomery) issued the following statement on HR 836:

“Yesterday I was a NO vote on HR836, which effectively would end the Governor’s emergency disaster declaration. This resolution would NOT affect the Secretary of Health’s order including business closure orders, building safety orders, and business safety orders, which therefore ultimately means that the phased reopening plan associated with those orders would remain in place.

I heard from many of my constituents on both sides of this issue and I appreciate the dialogue that we have been able to have to address the many concerns that the pandemic has had on all Pennsylvanians. I was not willing to sacrifice aid that the emergency disaster proclamation affords the state from the federal government, which aims to help Pennsylvanians and businesses by means of:

  • Unemployment Compensation eligibility requirements and employer relief from charges.
  • Property tax relief.
  • Educational tax credit waivers.
  • Certification requirements under the public-school code and child protective services law.

As a result of ending the disaster proclamation we received no assurance that the state would continue to be eligible for federal public and individual disaster assistance, and any additional state funding available through General Fund dollars. I will continue to work with the administration to advocate for the southeastern regions fair share of relief aid to help hardworking Pennsylvanians and businesses that have suffered the most, while we all work together to take responsible precautions to limit a resurgence of the virus.”