Royersford, August 7, 2019 – Sen. Katie Muth (D-Berks, Chester, Montgomery) is continuing her call for the governor and legislators to return to Harrisburg to address the gun violence epidemic.

On Wednesday, Muth joined the bicameral PA Safe Caucus and supported a letter sent by the caucus to Governor Wolf calling for a special session to address gun violence and the rise of extremist ideology.

“Month after month, year after year, our communities are devastated by acts of gun violence,” said Muth. “It is a disgrace and it is beyond irresponsible that legislative measures that could help end this public health crisis are kicked down the road for a later date or met with resistance from lawmakers who lack political courage to stand up to the gun lobby.”

On Sunday, Muth expressed an urgency to have lawmakers return from summer break for a special session to pass legislation to combat gun violence from taking more lives. She stated that there is a need to expedite the passing of common-sense measures as we continue to see an increase in acts of gun violence nationwide. 

“Legislative efforts, some even receiving support from both sides of the isle, have been lingering in the PA legislature waiting to be seriously discussed and brought up for a vote,” said Muth. “Efforts such as closing gun purchasing loopholes, universal background checks, and banning assault style weapons and high capacity magazines have wide support from many lawmakers and our constituents.”

Additional gun safety reform measures supported by Muth, and included in legislative efforts, are the implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders, including additional disqualifying criminal convictions in the Uniform Firearms Act, the creation of a statewide firearms registry, and allowing local regulation of firearms by local and county governments.

“We must be better than the current culture of moving on from these acts of violence as soon as the news cycle changes,” said Muth. “Our communities deserve to feel safe. Silence on this issue is perpetuating the violence. Inaction is no longer an option, we need change now!”


PA Safe Caucus Requests a Special Session on Gun Violence Epidemic