Royersford, Pa. – August 12, 2020  – On August 11th, the Philadelphia Inquirer released an article describing the atrocious story about the nation’s leading behavioral health nonprofit for children, Devereux Brandywine. This article came as a shock to many, including Senator Katie Muth (D – Berks, Chester, Montgomery), whose district includes the Devereux Brandywine location in Glenmoore, Chester county location.

Below is a statement from Senator Muth upon learning of this information:

“My heart shattered while reading every word of the article. The pain and trauma that all of the victims went through and continue to struggle with to this day could have been prevented. Such facilities are supposed to help those in need of services, not put vulnerable children in situations for additional harm to occur. It is imperative that the children who attend this center, and others like these, have complete trust in the staff to protect and care for them. However, this trust has been broken for many who were harmed for years, often while others turned a blind eye or allowed this harm to continue. This trust can never be repaired. 

As a Senator, and as a rape survivor, it pains me to hear about the heartbreaking stories of these victims and enrages me that such institutional failures have yet to be investigated, addressed or corrected. It haunts me to think of the countless nights children had to endure at the hands of people they looked up to for guidance. It is my duty as a public servant, to protect the children in my district and across the Commonwealth. 

I will not rest until organizations like Devereaux Brandywine and its other locations are held accountable. This is why I am calling on Governor Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro to launch a full investigation into the heinous atrocities brought forward at this center and others operating in the state. These vile acts must no longer be swept under the rug. 

I stand firmly on the side of the victims and will continue to fight for justice and accountability.”